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    Substation Automation Solutions

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        Case Study
        Taking Interoperability to the Next Level : IEC61850 Substation for Manitoba Hydro

        - Complete solution for Substation Automation (Control & Protection) – Total 77 Panels 
        - Management, Engineering, Configuration, manufacturing, FAT, and Commissioning SAT 
        - Based on Schneider Electric PACiS & SUI Solution. 
        - High IEC61850 Network Redundancy IEC61850 (Dual-homing + RSTP). 
        - One configuration software for all substations, with configuration of all bay. 
        - Controllers, Protective relays (reports) and HMI’s.
        - NERC-CIP Compliancy.
        - Capable to fulfill current and future’s requirements.
        - Thanks to IEC61850, today is a reality – Phase II