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    EcoStruxure™ for Cement Power Distribution

    Our electrical distribution systems ensure that power is safe, reliable, and available -- even under harsh conditions.

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    Connect your enterprise to tomorrow’s IoT economy

    EcoStruxure™ for buildings, data centers, industry and grid.

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    Schneider Electric provides extensive solutions for the distribution, protection, control and management of electrical systems

    > LV and MV power distribution equipment: A complete line of MV/LV substations, equipment and components
    > Supervision: For power distribution and substation automation


    Our comprehensive, integrated electrical distribution solutions comply with local standards and environmental regulations and deliver efficient, economical, reliable power. You get:

    > Enhanced availability
    > Reliable performance
    > Embedded safety functions
    > A single supplier for all your electrical control needs

    Thrive in the digital era with EcoStruxure™

    Discover how Schneider Electric leads a new world of energy with connected products, edge control, and apps, analytics and services.
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