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Altivar 12

Drives for small machines from 0.18 to 4 kW

Variable speed drives for small machines with 3-ph 240V AC motors 0.18 to 4 kW

Soft Starters
  • Features

    Models to suit a variety of installations:

    • 240V 1-ph power supply, 0.18 to 2.2 kW
    • 240V 3-ph power supply, 0.18 to 4 kW
    • 120V 1-ph power supply, 0.18 to 0.75 kW (230V motor)

    A design focussed on integration

    • Advanced functions for increased productivity (integrated PID, multi-speed, etc.)
    • Easy communication with all other machine components via integrated universal Modbus serial link
    • Smaller footprint, notably in terms of the depth of equipment, as the baseplate mounted version dissipates heat into the machine frame

    No compromise on quality
    Ever higher performance for your motors ensured by : 

    • The factory settings, which provide a high quality drive from the very first time the power is turned on
    • The integration of Standard (U/f), Performance (sensorless flux vector control, or SVC) and Pump/Fan (quadratic profile Kn²) motor control types
    • Highly dynamic performance torque performance 
    • Excellent speed regulation on machine load surges
    • Reduced noise and maintenance

    Designed for easy fitting and wiring of the drive : 

    • Easy access angles
    • Numerous, easy to identify markings
    • Fast detection and protection against motor current peaks (common in motor switching and catch on the fly applications)
    • Perfect integration of single-phase 240V model into the electrical network thanks to its built-in EMC filter

    Save time on wiring

    • Easy access to all the wiring and settings on the front panel
    • Easy access angles
    • Only one screwdriver needed for all connections

    Save time on programming

    • A navigation button for easy menu access: configure your application parameters in just a few clicks
    • A three-level menu structure
    • Reference Mode: In local operation (On/Off buttons) and for speed adjustment and display
    • Monitoring Mode: For displaying parameters (create your own menu)
    • Configuration Mode: For configuring your applications and settings

    Save time on commissioning

    • The drive can be configured before it is received (by the distributor), during storage (by the storekeeper) or during fitting before the electrical enclosure is powered up for the first time
    • No adjustment is required and there is a quick start guide for immediate setup
    • Ease of programming with SoMove software
    • Bluetooth option for downloading or accessing settings via PC or mobile phone for greater ease of use


    Discreet in size but big on performance ! 

    • Can be configured in its packaging
    • Quick start option requiring no adjustment
    • Intuitive navigation
    • Even more compact
    • Integrated level C1 (residential) EMC/RFI filter
    • Local control on the front panel
    • Modbus serial link
    • Resistant to harsh operating environments (conformal coating)


    • Small machines for industry:
      Material handling (small conveyors, etc.)
      Packaging (small labelling machines, small bagging machines)
      Pumping applications (suction pumps, centrifugal pumps, circulating pumps, etc.)
      Machines fitted with fans (air or smoke extraction, plastic film making machines, ovens, boilers, etc.)
    • Small consumer machines:
      Handling (access barriers, rotating advertising hoardings)
      Health (medical beds, running machines)
      Food and drink (mills, kneading machines, mixers, etc.)
    • Other types of applications:Food and beverage (farming, greenhouses, wineries etc.)
      Mobile machines with small AC motors
      Applications which traditionally use other solutions (2-speed motors,  DC motors, mechanical drives, etc.)