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    Energy saving

    Intelligent power can empower you to save money.


    Automation makes energy saving happen

    Save energy according to occupancy, light level, time of day and temperature 
    Always forget to turn lights off? With the use of occupancy sensors, lights as well as pre-set scenes automatically turn on or off as you move from one room to another. The light level can also be adjusted automatically depending on the availability of natural light for a constant brightness of the room.
    Enjoy the best ambience while optimizing energy consumption 
    Not every occasion needs the lights wasting power at their maximum brightness. You don’t need to turn everything off to save energy. Simply recall a pre-set scene to enjoy optimal ambience while eliminating wastage.
    Time scheduling ensures peace of mind while providing energy savings 
    Instead of wasting energy pretending you’re at home by turning on the lights all day, simply create different presets for different times that turn lights on and off to discourage intruders while saving energy too.

    Simplicity encourages green habits

    Power in the palm of your hand

    The power monitoring function lets you see your current, daily, weekly and monthly energy usage at a glance in kilowatts hours, energy cost or carbon footprint. You can monitor your energy usage with your iPhone or computer anytime anywhere.


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