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What is the alternative for the 2025N-WE which is obsolete?
The closest alternative is the C2025N-WE in the C2000 series.
Does PDL600SM protect the sockets
Yes, All sockets on the same circuit can be protected against power surges – both upstream and downstream. More info can be found here: http://updates.clipsal.com/ClipsalOnline/Files/Brochures/W0000942.pdf...
What is the part number for a 6A over load to suit the PDL56DOL16LOGY?
There are two optoins: LRD10 = 4.0A-6.0A LRD12=5.5A-8.0A
is the 755PSMA4 interconnectable with the old PDL SD100 Smoke alarm?
No, the interconnect circuit will not work between those two items.
What is the replacement for the XCSA150519 proximity sensor?
Depending on installation requirements either of the following options could be a suitable replacement: XS7C4A1MPP20 or XS8C2A1PCM12 
What is the shaft length of the LV428941
Shaft length of LV428941 is 450mm, Can be cut down to 59mm  
Is the Clipsal cent-a-meter available?
No, that is discontinued with no direct alternative.
Can the PDL348PB6TMBT-VW Be used as a bell press
Yes, One of the programmable functions of the push button is to be used as a bell press. As explained in the installation instructions.
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