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What is the dimming ratio for PDL854 Dimmers?
Maximum Load: 450W Minimum Load : 20W Dimmer switches over to Leading or trailing edge control depending upon the load type (e.g. inductive or capacitive),...
What is the replacement for the CRSX33150 Himel enclosure?
The replacment part number is NSYS3X3315.
What is the width of the A9C20132?
The A9C20132 is 18mm wide.
Will the VDIB17746UWE fit into the 4032VH-PW?
No, The keystone jacks do not fit directly into those plates, for a shuttered cat 6 jack use the VDIB17736UWE
Can the PDL654PBM be used on a 2 way circuit?
No, The PDL654PBM is only able to be used as a one way switch/dimmer.
Can the XACA6714 be made up in parts?
Yes, as below: 1 x XACA08 3 x XACA9411 3 x XACA9412 1 x ZA2BS844 6 x ZB2BE101 1 x ZB2BE102 3 x XACA009 1 x ZB2SZ3 1 x ZB2BY4901 1 x ZB2BY2904 1 x...
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