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What is the end plate for NSYTV352?
Answer: it is does not need an end pate as it is a fully enclosed terminal. Termials above 16mm do not need end plates.
Is there a weatherproof double outlet that is spaced apart to accomodate a plug pack?
WSF226E2 and 2 x WSC227/1 can be used to put together a weatherproof double GPO that is spaced apart to accomodate a plug pack.  
What is the part number for your cable floor feeder?
The part number for the cable floor feeder is ISM20660. It comes in 2.5m lengths and is 91mm wide x 18mm deep. ​
What is the part no for a double powerpoint with a larger space in between to use with power packs?
The part no is 2015H2. It is 2 x single horizontal switched sockets side by side with a single frame.  
does the 755RB has voltage free contacts?
Yes it has 2A 250v AC rated NO & NC voltage free segregated contacts.  
Does the PDL356PBSM-VW have a built in LED indicator?
Yes, the PDL356PBSM-VW come with built-in illumination.
Is the 755PSMA4 inter connectable with the old PDL SD100 Smoke alarm?
Yes, the SMA4 range is backward compatible with the SMA2 and SD range of smoke alarms.
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