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What is the magentic tripping tolerance for the A9F45125?
Magnetic tripping limit 12 x In +/- 20 %  
are separate cover plates available for Z4065VH and Z4066VH
No, The plates would need to be purchased as complete VH Codes.
Is there an Equivalent of the 435-BK?
 An alternative for this is 435A-BK (Has a terminal cover on the back)  
Is this Clipsal Auto/Off/Man switch 39MAOM available in black ?
Yes it is available in black. The part number is 39MAOM-BK  
Is the LV429338 compatible with the LV429337?
No, the LV429338 is a complete extended rotary handle, and the LV429337 is a direct rotary handle. Either one of these can be attached directly onto...
What is the dimensions for a A9MEM2010 energy meter
The dimensions are as per below Width x  18 mm Height x  95 mm Depth x  67 mm Please see link for datasheet: http://eshop.schneider-electric.com/product.aspx?prod_id=A9MEM2010&org=21&lang=1&dist=276&tab=0&ses_id=...
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