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What is the open close Aux for iC60 MCB
Acti9 iOF is an A9A26924. This has 1 C/O contact that will change over when MCB changes state.  
Is there a 3 phase version of the PDL56RCD2030
No, But a 3 phase RCD can be installed into a PDL56CB4 enclosure which will fit on an E2 base.
Is the XB4BA61 available for sale in New Zealand?
No, But it can be made using the following two part codes: ZB4BA6               PUSHBUTTON OPERATOR HEAD ZB4BZ101           SCREW TERMINAL CONTACT ...
What is the Overload Suitable for LE1D35N7
Overload Part Number is LRD32. This has a thermal trip range of 23 to 32A.  
What are the extra screw terminals on bottom side of arc fault detection devices for?
These terminals have shorting bars which are the electrical connection between left and right sides of the AFDD. These devices only have one set of...
What is the replacement for RE11RCMU?
The replacement for RE11RCMU is RE17RCMU
What is the replacement for the 16067?
Replacement part number for 16067 is A9E16067  
What is the replacement for 16468 CT?
The replacement for 16468 CT is METSECT5MF025  
What is the part number for weather proof intermediate switch?
The part number for a weather proof intermediate switch is - WS226I  
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