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What is the alternative for the ZBE504 ?
2 of the ZBE102's can be stacked to create the equivalent
Is the PDL894MA integrally switched?
Yes, the 894MA it is integrally switched
How to open an excel file during runtime in Vijeo Citect.
Below cicode function can be used during runtime for opening an Excel file in Vijeo Citect:   Exec("^""+"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office11\Excel.exe"+"^"...
What contact can be used on a XACA2114 to make the directions two speed?
An ZB2BE201 can be added to each direction to make 2 step contacts.
Is there an intermediate switch mechanism for the Zen series?
Yes, there is an intermediate switch mec for Saturn Zen. The part number is 60PBI. Some of the key features are: No LED Indication Intermediate Push-button...
Can you still get the 56 DOL with isolator switch built in?
The old 56 series DOL came with isolator switch (eg, PDL56MS400SW).  These have been discontinued. New replacements do not come with isolator, but...
What is the current replacement for PDL SD200 Smoke detector?
The replacment is a Clipsal 755PSMA4 this is the direct replacement.  
Do The Varplus Can Capacitors (BLRCH) under-go routine testing at the time of manufacture?
Routine test are performed on each & every capacitor manufactured. Routine test report is placed in the packaging along the capacitor. Following routine...
Do we have a product to link MCBs together (ie combine 2 single pole MCBs to make a 2 pole)?
This is not possible as poles are linked internally, and not just via switch.
Are there any line isolation monitors available in New Zealand?
Yes, the code is MLHG6. Comes with line isolator, overload monitor, front panel and hardware kit
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