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What is the reference of Type A or Type B thermostat in Prisma Plus switchboard?
Type C thermostat is available in Prisma Plus, the part reference of which is 08998. The Type C thermostat Reference 08998 can be used as Type A or...
Is the Canalis range of products KBA, KBB, KDP halogen free.
Yes, the Canalis range of products KBA, KBB and KDP are halogen free. The Declaration of Conformity is attached.
Is it possible to use TeSys GV2 and TeSys GV3 Range MPCB in DC applications?
The TeSys GV2 and TeSys GV3 range MPCB can be used in DC applications as per their technical specifications. Refer the below wiring connection for...
How to connect the 4 Pole RCCB in 240V AC Single phase network.
To use the 4 Pole RCCB in 240V AC single phase network, connect the Neutral at N and Phase at terminal 1 of the RCCB.   Confirm the functionality...
what is the Acti 9 code for Merlin Gerin 15515?
A9C30831 is the Acti9 code for the 1P 1NO 32A 230v AC impulse relay.
What is the replacement to the PDL56TD (Time delay switch)?
An equivalent option can be built up as below: PDL56PB1GNLEGY  PDL56E1GY           PDL348PB10TMBT-VW (Timer Pushbutton 10A with BLE & CTL Link) The...
Is the PDL354RDMUN-VW able to control motor loads?
The PDL354RDMUN-VW is not suitable for motor loads. Please see below for suitable load types.
Do the inline RCD 955RW still come with 2 size cable entries?
955RW and 955RW10 originally came with 2 sizes, now they only come with the small sized ends.
Do we sell 15kA, B curve MCBs?
Yes we do, although they are not listed in catalogue. Codes are A9F93xxx  
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