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What is the part number for a 0.9A overload to suit the LC1K contactors?
The part number is LR2K0306 which is adjustable from 0.8 - 1.2A
What is the part number for a 2 pole 20A Changeover switch in the 56 series?
We only have 1 and 3 pole changeover switches in the 56 series. A PDL56SW320COLEGY could be used and only use 2 of the 3 poles.
Can the PDLDBFPMK be mounted into a DBS30?
It is not recommended to install the DBFPMK in a DBS30 due to the lack of space. However, installing into a DBF30 is possible. Please see Mounting...
whats is the replacment for the PDL 100T
The replacement is PDL194WH appliance socket with twin tab terminals.
How many 342USB2 charger mechs can be fitted into an Iconic grid plate?
2  x Iconic 342USB2 charger modules can be fitted into a 382G only. 
Do we sell a Bals IEC (AI) appliance inlet socket to match the BALS21240 Plug
The only  IEC Appliance inlet socket we have for sales is a PDLBALS2638 this is a 16amp IP67 inlets  We do not have a 32A option.  
What is PDL144PT alternative?
The alternative is PDL144P
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