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Is the PDL 56 series Flame resistant?
No, the 56 series is not flame resistant.
What are the dimensions of the earth / neutral bar GE6324 ?
GE6324 Earth / neutral Bar Length = 300 MM Width = 30MM + 15MM + 15MM (30MM is where the bars sit - then the metal bracket bends on an angle twice)...
Are the captive Nuts from the Main terminals on the NSX100 - 250 MCCBs available as a spare part?
Yes but not on their own. They are available in a pack of 12 (1 whole set plus an extra set) The part number is LV429234 (NSX100) or LV430554 (NSX160-250)...
Is the PDL691RCD30BK black cover plate available separately?
No, we are not able to supply the black cover plate as a spare part for the PDL691RCD. Spare cover plates are available in WH, BBZ, PB, and SS only....
Is a metal plate available for the PDL663VH?
No, there is no metal plate available for the PDL663VH. Only black or white.
What are the dimensions of the PDLS800GPS2VBAWH?
They are 123mm x 128mm x 6mm (W x H x D)
Are there Seismic ratings for the enclosed TeSys D starters?
Issue: Do we have Seismic ratings for our IEC LE1D contactors and starters?   Product Line: IEC enclosed contactors and starters   Environment: Tesys...
Is there a round earth pin version of the PDL56CSC310 available?
No, there is no round earth pin option in the 3 pin 10A cord connectors. We only have the round pin socket available, PDL56SO310R
What colour is the indicator LEDs in the 880TPB2?
The indicators are a blue LED. Please see below: .
Does the undervoltage Auxillary LV429410 24VDC MN fit with the NS100 MCCB ?
Yes, the LV429410 24VDC MN  Fits the NS100 frame size. The old auxiliaries are compatible with NSX frames and new auxiliaries can be used with NS...
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