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Will the Iconic 3 gang USB charger be available without a shelf?
No, although it is supplied without the shelf skin it requires the shelf skin to complete it. The 3 gang switch skin will not fit. The NZ shelf skin...
Can I install spreaders downstream of the Compact NSX.
Yes, it is possible to install all connection accessories both upstream and downstream of the NSX.
How can I obtain the manufacturing date of the Compact NS or NSX circuit-breakers ?
To obtain the manufacturing date of Compact NS or NSX circuit-breakers, read the screen-printed marking at the top of the front panel. The code P07351,...
What is the degree of protection of 27046, 27047 and 27048 rotary handles.
The degree of protection of rotary handles references 27046, 27047 and 27048 is IP40. These rotary handles are designed for C60, C120 and NC100 circuit...
Does PDL89DP come in black ?
Unfortunately, It only comes in white.
What is a variable version of a PDL 625C3
Not available - need to use PDL 625F
What is the link for the DBF board
Part number DBF15/10
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