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How long will a PDL354PBDMBTW-VW retain settings for once power has been removed?
From instruction sheet: Internal date/time retained for up to 12 hrs. Settings preserved indefinitely
What is the part number for a single phase, 40A, Si type RCBO ?
The part number is A9D33640. This has a sensitivity of 30mA.
What is the operating key to go with a XCSPA792?
Either one of the following: XCSZ11 = Straight XCSZ12 = Wide XCSZ13 = Right angled XCSZ14 = Pivoting
Do we have a 3 pole 100 amp MCB but in 18mm pitch?
100A MCBs only available in the C120 range which are 27m pitch. There is no 18mm pitch alternative.
What is the inside diameter of the 262/50-GY.
The inside diameter of the 262/50 is 50mm. Outside diameter is 57mm. http://eshop.schneider-electric.com/product.aspx?org=21&lang=1&dist=276&prod_id=262/50-GY...
Can an Iconic Electronic dimmer be used with a PIR Sensor?
This will not be possible with electronic switches. As the PIR open state will remove power to Dimmer, and the electronic dimmer will default to off...
Do we have a 100mA type SI RCCB ?
No 100mA option available in New Zealand. We only have the 30mA equivalent.
Is there an alternative to the XB7ES542P ?
Codes will be ZB5AS844 + ZB5AZ102. The metal ZB4 equivalent could also be made with ZB4BS844 + ZB4BZ102. These will still be a 1N/C, 22mm E stop, but...
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