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Can you use the Acti9 9mm pitch comb bar with the Domae RCBOs?
Yes the Acti 9 9mm pitch comb bars can be used with the domae RCBOs
Does the 60RSM3 suit the saturn zen plates?
Yes. It will fit in the saturn zen plates, but it will come with a silver knob to suit standard saturn. A knob to suit can be purchased in the Z4062EDIM-KB...
Can an LED indicator be installed into the PDL861M16?
No, The Indicator lamp will not fit in that switch, it can only be installed into the 1 way Equivalent, PDL860M16  
What is the code for a 400VAC Coil for a LC1D18U7?
The closest coil will be the LXD1N7 which is 415Vac
What is the code for a spare 24VDC coil for a LC1D50A contactor ?
There are no spare DC coils available for the 40A...65A contactors. The equivalent will be to order a complete LC1D50ABD.
Does the PDL681MT16 come with the Blue LED?
Yes, it comes with a Blue LED and it is optional to wire it in.
Are the vertical sockets in the new Iconic style switch ?
No, there is currently only horizontal sockets available in Styl
Can the 319HP-WE pneumatic timer be used outside?
Yes - the HP means Hose Proof and it is IP65 rated.
Do any of the Iconic switches (300 Series Mechs) have a DC rating?
 Yes, the PDL381M20 is rated at 6A up to 24vDC.
Are the PDL348PB10TMBT and the PDL348PB6TMBT the same physical size?
No, The 348PB10TMBT has a larger frame size, A maximum or 3 of these will fit in an iconic switch plate. The 348PB6TMBT are a smaller frame and 6...
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