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What colour is the Saturn Zen LED indicator?
The indicator is Blue. Can be wired to be illuminated with the switch off or on.  
What is the part number of the small 4 way bar that comes in the PDL Enclosure PDLDBF15?
The part number for the bar is PDLDBFN4. This is the same part that also comes with the DBF10, DBF30, DBF45, DBF60.
What is the part number for a rotary dimmer for the Saturn range , for LED lighting?
The part number for a rotary dimmer for the Saturn range , for LED lighting is - 4062ELEDM For further information , visit link below:- www.clipsal.com/Trade/search-results?q=4062ELEDM...
How to test the smoke alarm installed on a 755RFB base?
The procedure to test the smoke alarms on a 755RFB base is as follows: TEST FUNCTION (WHEN NO SMOKE IS PRESENT) • Test the LOCAL smoke alarm: Press...
Lock for old Prisma beige cabinet?
Support and spare parts for Prisma beige ended December 2015
How are the 30SPK/2 Mechs connected at the rear
The 30SPK/2 Mechs have solder connection on the rear.
What is the PDL342USB2-VW USB Current ratings?
Each port is capable of a maximum output of 2.1A, with a total maximum output across both ports of 3.1A The single USB socket, PDL342USB-VW, can supply...
Is there a 100MPIR available for the Iconic range?
No, not available for Iconic, however there is the night walk sensor light. 306-VW Contact Customer Care for more information.
What is the operating rate for an LC1D18U7?
The operating rate of LC1D18U7 is 3600 cycles per hour i.e. (60/min) The following Tesys D contactors also have the same operating rate: LC1D09xx,...
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