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What is the part number for a cat 6 mech to fit into Saturn Zen
The part numbers are: VDIB17736UWE shuttered VDIB17756UWE non shuttered These will fit in any of the Z403x plates.
Is there an Intermediate Pull switch like the PDL573 to achieve three way switching?
No, but three way switching can be acheived using a 600RM relay module and 3x 2 way switch mechs
Is there a round earth pin version of the PDL56CSC310 available?
No, there is no round earth pin option in the 3 pin 10A cord connectors. We only have the round pin socket available, PDL56SO310R
Is the PDL95215WH, 15amp plugin rcd still available in NZ?
The PDL95215WH has been phased out, and there are no alternatives.  
Is the code for a Saturn Zen 5 gang grid and plate Z4035VH and is it available?
No, the Zen Data grids only come in 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 gang. The code Z4035VH is not available.
Is the PDL610ML24 an LED or a Neon?
The 12 and 24V illuminated modules in the PDL610 range are now LEDs, the 250V option remains a Neon
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