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What is the degree of protection of 27046, 27047 and 27048 rotary handles.
The degree of protection of rotary handles references 27046, 27047 and 27048 is IP40. These rotary handles are designed for C60, C120 and NC100 circuit...
How can I obtain the manufacturing date of the Compact NS or NSX circuit-breakers ?
To obtain the manufacturing date of Compact NS or NSX circuit-breakers, read the screen-printed marking at the top of the front panel. The code P07351,...
Can I install spreaders downstream of the Compact NSX.
Yes, it is possible to install all connection accessories both upstream and downstream of the NSX.
Can I install a rectangular sensor upstream from a circuit-breaker.?
Yes, a rectangular sensor can be installed upstream or downstream of a circuit breaker.
How many Iconic push button mechs can I put on a plate?
6 Maximum BUT please refer to the derating table for the maximum loads when multi ganging 
What is the height of the Isobar three phase B board range of extension boxes.
The height of the Isobar B board extension boxes is 270mm. Several extension boxes maybe stacked together if more space is required. Some examples...
What is the tightening torque for the terminal extensions and spreaders for Compact NS100 to 630 circuit-breakers.?
The tightening torque for the terminal extensions and spreaders for Compact NS100 to 630 circuit breakers is: 10 Nm for Compact NS100. 15 Nm for Compact...
What is the ratio n between the peak value and the root mean square value of the short-circuit current
Product standard BS EN 60947-1 defines the ratio n between the peak value and the rms value of the short-circuit current (table 16 on page 106). The...
Does Prisma Plus Switchboard confirm the Electrical continuity of moving parts.
The Prisma Plus confirms the electrical continuity of moving parts as per IEC/EN 60439.1   Find attached the Declaration of Conformity for the same.  
What product fits with the xald02 enclosure?
Harmony 22 mm ZB5 range + ZENL1111 or ZENL1121 contacts  
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