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Is the C2015XXC-WE available
This is no longer available in NZ  Use PDL694XXWH
Please explain what the material is that the Saturn 250V range is made from
A chemical resistant, UV resistant material that is ideal for kitchen and bathroom applications.  This material gives the aesthetic appearance of...
What glue is suitable for use with a 449A mounting box?
You can use any glue that is suitable for use with PVC.
What is the IP rating for the SAE_UE_MS_CU_WE Argus sensor ?
IP20 rating, suitable for indoor installation only
What is the replacement for 31V1000 fan speed controller
This fan speed controller have been deleted and is no longer available
What is the part number for a 56 Series isolator 50v DC 20amps
There is nothing available in the 56 Series with these capabilities, will need to use INS range
What is the maximum time for a Clipsal 319HP time delay switch
Primarily designed for up to 10 minutes with care 20 minutes may be possible. FYI We now have a range of new timers and time clocks modules which...
What is the part cold for the PDL 600VH plates with ID
1 to 4  gang VH plates 681 to 684 ending with VIDWH or HIDWH ie PDL681VIDWH or PDL684HIDWH
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