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Floating Voltage to Earth in PDL342USB2 (Dual USB Mech in Iconic)

It is common for appliances to have a floating voltage exist. Floating voltages typically existing for all devices which use an isolated power supply, so it’s normal to get a measurement to ground when there is no load connected, and it’s safe.

In relation to the PDL342USB2, a measurement to ground when there is no load connected shows around 48-50VAC. This is safe and is ok.
It is also possible to feel a "tingle" when plugging in a USB to the USB mech which is a result from the combination of floating voltage and leakage current (according to Australian standard, for class II power supply, the maximum allowed leakage current is 0.5mA, our iconic USB range is 0.06mA). Some people may be very sensitive to certain things, which also depends on your body condition, for example people with wet fingers may feel a little bit more of a "tingle" than a person with dry hands.
The Iconic range complies to all AS/NZ safety standards as required.
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