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Video: How to enable a software burden via advanced learn mode?

Objective: This video shows you how to enter advanced learn mode, what the indicators on the front of the dimmer/relay mean, and how to enable a burden without having to connect to the network via C-Bus Toolkit.
Note: This method should only be used as a last resort as it can change the programming of the unit if the instructions are misunderstood. For assistance with this, please contact technical support.
Product Line
C-Bus Wired Din Rail
C-Bus Wired
Connectivity issues to C-Bus network via C-Bus Toolkit

1. Locate C-Bus Dimmer or Relay, and enter the unit into Learn Mode by pressing and holding a channel button for 10 seconds.
2. Confirm that you are in learn mode (identified by the alternative flashing of the C-Bus and Unit indicator).
3. Double press a channel button on the Relay or Dimmer.
4. To make sure that no programming is cleared from the channels, turn off all channels one at a time.
5. Double press a channel button to enable the software burden (confirmed by the C-Bus indicator being on)
6. To exit learn mode, press and hold a channel button for 2 seconds
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