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Can you use an EVP1CNS32121 T2-T1 cable on a 22kW charger

T2-T1 EVP1CNS32121 cable with one of our EVF2S22P22 22kW 3-phase"

22kW  =  32A    3P
11kW  =  16A    3P
7kW    =  32A   1P
3.7kW =  16A   1P

You can use this cable on the 22kW charge point without any issue.
The max current available will be 32A if the webserver settings haven't been touched (current restriction for the whole charge point or current restriction per outlet).
Depending also on the embedded charger of the car, you will be able to do a load at 7kW (some T1 car have 3.7kW and others have 7kW charger).

A T2 3P cable can work on a 1P T2 charge point/charger
A T2 1P cable can work on a 3P T2 charge point/charger

Due to interoperability and to the fact that all the charge point are not 3P, the few 22kw cars are able to check if the 3 phases are here or not, if not they rely on a 1P load.
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