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    Customer Care Centre: We care!


    Customer Care Centre: a real driver for satisfying our customers

    Dedicated and available, the Customer Care Centre (CCC) is at the heart of customer satisfaction. Providing a single point of contact for all customer post-sales and order-processing enquiries, the Customer Care Centre develops close relationships with customers. Not only in supporting reactive role, but also proactively – giving you information before you even ask – on delayed delivery, for instance.

    Why Call?
    Your dedicated Customer Care team members is available to respond to customer questions related to:

    • Commercial
    • Logistics
    • Technical
    • Service

    Customers reach out to us on various subjects and the analysis of these queries allows us to detect and avoid recurrent questions as well as to identify areas for improvement.

    How are Customer Care Centres organized?
    The Customer Care team with 1700 dedicated people is organized in three levels to deliver a worldclass level of support, , about all Schneider Electric offers

    • Level 1: Generalist and Technical Support in 68 countries
      The first level of support resolves the commercial, logistics and simple technical queries of the customers.

    • Level 2: Technical Service Centres at the regional level (10 regions)
      The queries that cannot be resolved by local centres are quickly escalated to the regional Technical Service Centres

    • Level 3 : Global product department
      The more complex technical queries, that cannot be resolved by these regional centres, are escalated to and resolved by Global product departments.

    Communication of the resolution via the local and regional centres, plus a strong management of knowledge and dedicated training programs allow the first levels of support to be self-sufficient… and directly impact the satisfaction of  customers by delivering most of the answers in less than 24 hours.

    Continuous Performance Improvement
    Schneider Electric Customer Care Centres handled about seven million customer contacts in 2007. Our challenge is to achieve customer satisfaction in each of them …

    The whole Customer Care team is committed to continuously measure its performance through specific metrics, included in our company score card :

    • a customer answer rate within one day above 97%
    • a lost call rate less than 2%.

    Having successfully met the 2007 targets for those metrics globally, and because customer satisfaction is a never ending challenge, we now focus on providing resolution in the first customer call!

    Requests for Products and Services information?

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    To know more 

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