• Aerial View Of Water Treatment Plant In Dekalb Illinois, water management.

    Water and wastewater

    Desalination and wastewater treatment businesses deliver clean water to communities around the world. We help you do it safely and efficiently.

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  • Customer references and resources Anglian Water: Keeping the water flowing

    Anglian Water is the largest water and wastewater company in England. Watch how an integrated leak and pressure management system helps this utility reduce water loss management costs and meet regulatory compliance.

  • Fritzens WWTP in Tyrol, Austria: Making Net Zero Energy Consumption a Reality

    Learn how process optimization turned the Fritzens wastewater treatment plant from an energy consumer to an energy producer thanks to Schneider Electric solutions.

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  • Business Case Sydney Desalination Plant: Benefiting from one-stop shopping for all electrical, automation, and energy management needs

    Sydney’s 250-million-liter-per-day desalination plant is realizing energy savings around 1500 MWh per month, thanks to our homogenous process control system with seamless integration of components and holistic approach.

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  • White Paper Three Steps for Reducing Total Cost of Ownership in Pumping Systems

    Electricity usage costs have become an increasing fraction of the total cost of ownership (TCO) for industrial pumping systems.This paper explains how Schneider Electric can help you reduce TCO with a limited investment.

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    Hydro electric dam with grassland and hills, water management, energy efficiency.
    Water leaking from a joint between two large pipes, water management.


    You can address the challenges of the water and wastewater industry with our solutions. Achieve a reduction of energy and operational costs, efficient modernization of aging infrastructure, and compliance with increasingly strict regulations. Ensure public health and safety by enhancing emergency response capabilities and adapting to the changing workforce.


    • Blue earth icon Over 40% of world population is living under water stress
    • Blue drinking water icon Water demand is projected to increase by over 55%
    • Blue earth Europe-Africa icon Over 50% of the surface water in Europe is below good ecological status
    • Blue general danger icon Yearly water losses in US through main leakages is 6.5 Gm3 (could supply a 200M population)
    • Blue Energy icon 8% of global energy is consumed by water and wastewater industry treatment and network processes
    • Blue lightning icon Flooding events have increased fourfold in the past 20 years

    Value Proposition

    • Default Alternative Text Making the most of your assets and water resources Helping the industry treat and deliver safer water 24/7, at lower operating cost, using less energy
    • EcoXpert icon We deliver efficiency across the entire water cycle Schneider Electric is a global technology player with products, solutions and services that cover from field to enterprise. We have references in each of the areas of the water cycle within different domains that exemplify our performance.