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    New Installation Services

    Optimize equipment performance from the start.

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      In today’s economy, budgets are being cut, capital projects have decreased overtime and operating expenditures are being more closely scrutinized. Especially in circumstances such as these, it is critical to keep in mind that nothing can operate without a reliable flow of electricity.
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      Explore Solutions To Help Optimize Your New Investment

      If you are installing new equipment, we will help you maximize your investment with our key solutions.
      • Spare Parts

        We understand the criticality of your electrical equipment and the recommended spare parts required to minimize downtime. Our services will evaluate your electric system, identify the equipment that is critical to your operations and recommend specific spare parts. Find Out More
      • Start-up and Commissioning

        We will confirm that your equipment is installed properly, meets factory standards, and passes our stringent performance tests to help minimize downtime and delays in the future. Find Out More
      • Power System Analytical Studies

        Our analytical studies help ensure a facility's power system operates as it was designed and intended. Find Out More
      • Extended Warranty

        It is important to have an extended warranty plan in place for your electrical distribution equipment. Schneider Electric Services offers numerous warranty options that allow customers to protect their investment for years to come. Find Out More
      • Advantage Service Plans

        Having an Advantage Service Plan in place minimizes unplanned outages and remedial actions. There are three Advantage Service Plans to choose from, offering various levels of service: Plus, Prime and Ultra. Find Out More
      • Training Solutions

        Schneider Electric offers 70+ training courses, taught by OSHA-authorized instructors. Our cost-effective, flexible courses are available regionally, on-site, or online. Find Out More

      Why work with Schneider Electric

      • Services icon Maximize Your Investment At Schneider Electric, our goal is to keep your business up and running as efficiently as possible. By providing new installation services from the start, we help reduce your risks of costly downtime and delays.
      • Default Alternative Text Improve Energy Efficiency You can rely on our nationwide network of professional engineers and qualified service representatives to validate that your new equipment is properly installed, employees are trained on its use and care, regularly-scheduled maintenance is performed, and the useful life of the equipment is extended.


      • Default Alternative Text Our professional engineers are strategically located throughout the U.S.
      • Default Alternative Text Schneider Electric Services is committed to providing you with innovative solutions.
      • Blue time icon Our nationwide expert technical team is available 24/7.
      • Blue tested validated icon Our field service representatives are qualified, as defined by OSHA and NFPA 70E.®