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    Emergency Preparedness

    Services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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      Mother Nature is still the most powerful force on earth. While restoring power is a priority, doing it safely is a necessity. Water and electricity do not mix. If your electrical equipment has been submerged, it must be replaced or reconditioned.
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      Our Emergency Services and Solutions

      Services Available 24/7, 365 Days A Year. Call 1-888-778-2733.
      • Emergency Response Services

        Qualified field service representatives will assess the situation to determine if your equipment can be repaired, reconditioned, or replaced Find Out More
      • Temporary Generator Connection

        A temporary generator connection improves your electrical system’s reliability and is recommended when local governing body requires portable generator connection provisions, a facility must continue operations and a temporary connection is acceptable to the governing entity or if a long-term disruption will jeopardize the business. Find Out More
      • Emergency Action Plan

        Having a detailed emergency recovery plan helps to restore power and normal operations as quickly as possible. In addition, it can limit the financial and personal havoc an unplanned outage can cause. Find Out More

      Why work with Schneider Electric

      • Services icon Restore Power Safely and Efficiently When unplanned outages occur, Schneider Electric Services has the expertise and resources to restore electrical power safely and efficiently for any manufacturer's brand of equipment. Our team of factory-trained technicians will bring you in-depth knowledge of your system and equipment, as well as the ability to solve operating problems in any environment.
      • Default Alternative Text Any Time for Any Brand of Equipment. With a nationwide network of 400+ qualified field service representatives, we are ready to respond to your needs. With a single point of contact and 24-hour access to our manufacturing plants, our services are available for a broad range of electrical equipment. We are available for any manufacturer’s equipment.


      • Blue time icon Our nationwide expert technical team is available 24/7.
      • Blue man icon Schneider Electric Services committed to providing you with innovative solutions, best-in-class, advanced technical knowledge, and exceptional quality in everything we do!
      • SE Default icon Our professional engineers are strategically located throughout the U.S. and collectively registered in every state.
      • Blue handshake icon Our field service representatives are qualified, as defined by OSHA and NFPA 70E.®