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    Custom and Turnkey Solutions

    Whatever the application, Schneider Electric Services is your partner for all phases of your project.

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      If you have unique product requirements or complex power issues our engineering, manufacturing, field service and project management teams can evaluate your situation and propose a cost-effective solution that minimizes downtime or lead-times.
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      Explore Our Custom and Turnkey Solutions

      Cost-effective solutions that minimizes downtime for your complex power system needs.
      • Match-in-Line or Custom-Sized Switchgear

        Includes match-in-line switchgear, non-standard dimensions or ratings, expansions and upgrades, or custom wiring requirements. Find Out More
      • Solar Substation Design

        Photovoltaic cells are the heart of any solar power system; However, the intelligence of the system resides in the electrical installation. Find Out More
      • Complete Turnkey Solutions

        A complete range of services that cover all aspects of your custom requirements. Engineering design, system studies, project management, procurement, equipment installation, regulatory compliance and commissioning are available. Find Out More


      • Blue tools icon Our professional engineers are strategically located throughout the U.S.
      • Blue time icon Our nationwide expert technical team is available 24/7.
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      • Default Alternative Text Our nationwide team is committed to providing you with innovative solutions, best-in-class, 24/7 technical support.