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What is included in the A9XMFA04 Mounting kit?
1 set of: DIN rail (4 feet, 4 straps, 4 adaptors)
Can the Domae range of MCB's & RCD's be used in a switchboard supplied with 400V
 No - as the Domae range does not have a operating voltage above 400V
Alternative to XBTGT5330
 HMIGTO5315 or (HMIG3U + HMIDT542)
What is the difference between the A9XPH324 and 21507?
A9XPH324 - COMB BUSBAR 3P 100A - Will fit 24 modules with a 18mm pitch. 21507  - COMB BUSBAR 3P+N - Will fit 24 modules with a 9mm pitch. (These are compatible...
Are covers only supplied with PDL 500 series?
No, the 500 series do not have removable covers
What is the alternative for the 24630?
A9F45110. The 24630 was the old style C60 range of Circuit breaker.
Alternative for 24680
A9F45363. 24680 is the old C60 circuit breaker.
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