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Can you replace an existing PDL or Clipsal plate with Iconic, will it fit?
The Iconic range will fit onto the standard 84mm mounting centres used by the other ranges. Because it has a slightly larger plate it will overhang...
What is the mounting block / surface box to suit the PDL664VH?
PDL565WH, the mounting block to suit is the PDL565WH
Can a switch dolly fit on a socket?
No. The Switch and socket dolly rockers are different items and are not interchangeable.
Can I get an intermediate Saturn series mech with an LED
No, these are not available, but you can create a 3 way (intermediate) circuit using 60PBL 2way push switches with LED's switching a 600RM relay,...
What colour skins are available for the Iconic range?
There are 4 colours available in the new Iconic range at this stage Vivid White (-VW) Cool Grey (-CY) Warm Grey (-WY) Anthracite (-AN)
What type of plastic is the Iconic range made of?
The Grids are Poly Carb and the Skins are ABS.
What size screwdriver can be used with Iconic items?
Iconic terminals are designed for multi tool use, but more specifically for the #1 square drive. A flat driver or #2 Phillips/Pozi will also work...
ETSNZ - ERT Time Stamp Module Compatibility to a GPS Receiver
ERT modules only accept a 5vdc differential signal (not single ended 0-5vdc).  
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