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What are the part numbers of architrave grid and cover assembly (less mechanisms) in the slimline SC2000 series?
The part numbers of architrave grid and cover assemblies (less mechanisms) in the slimline SC2000 series are: SC2031  for 1 gang SC2032 for 2 gang...
ETSNZ Using external control to start the EVLink Charger
Yes this is possible. You have to use Input 2 on the terminals and select Conditional start when configuring it.
Do you do spare grills for a 7007A exhaust fan?
No, unfortunately we don't do spare parts for our exhaust fans.
What IP rating does the SAE_UE_MS_CDBWE sensor have ?
IP20 rating, suitable for indoor installation only
what is the part no for the shroud for Prestige Mechs ?
the part no is P90FS-BK Pls click this link for further information
What are the available colour codes for CEF40, ceiling mounted centifugal exhaust fan?
CEF40 is available only in the white (WE) colour. The ordering code is CEF40-WE For further information, please visit the below link:
Is the LV431050 / 31050 Padlockable?
Yes the handle has three M8 holes that can accept three padlocks.
How to change C-Bus Black/White Touch Screen as a Slave unit?
It can be achieved by adding a Text button with In-built System IO –Master Unit assigned Add a text button on the screen Double click the button opening...
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