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What is the code for an Earth leakage device to mount on the NSX100
The LV429211 is the earth leakage Vigi device to go with the NSX100. If you are using a 3 pole NSX you will also need to use the LV429214 which can...
Whats is the part no# for NSX250N?
LV431406 is the code for the NSX250N
Are the NS & NSX Trip Units interchangeable ?
NO  - The NS has been supercedded by the NSX 
What is the Torque setting for the NSX100 MCCB for lugs or bars ?
On The NSX100 MCCB  = For Lugs or Bars the Torgue setting is= 10Nm
What are the codes for the terminal shields for NSX400 or NSX630?
Long shield with 45mm pitch for front wiring the code is LV432593   Short shield with 45mm pitch for back wiring (using rear connections) the code...
LC1D1506 What are the dimensions? Weight?
Height 158 mm Width 120 mm Depth 136 mm Product weight 2.5 kg
Zen Cooker Switch Z4061/45 ?
No replaceable parts, rocker switch, one on one off and vice versa
What is the code for the bag screws for compact NSX400 - 630 ?
LV432552 is the code for the bag of spare screws
What codes do I require to make up a NSX160 with a thermal magnetic trip unit?
LV430406    1    PCE    3P NSX160N WITHOUT TRIP UNIT COMPACT CI LV430430    1    PCE    3P3D TM160D TRIP UNIT
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